For this session, we decided to do something a little different than our regular country theme and picked Historic Downtown Mckinney for our photo session. My husband tagged along and captured some video clips during our session! I think this might be an option I now offer with my sessions because the video just brings these sessions to life and I can never get through one without tears.

The Seepaul Family

The thing I love most about what I do is that my clients become more than just my clients! I shot Roddy and Kendra’s wedding years back and since then I have gotten to do maternity photos, family photos, and now I even got to be a part of announcing their third little baby boy to their family and friends! I love watching these families grow and being able to keep up with them through the stages! The Seepauls have always held a special place in my heart and I look forward to taking their pictures throughout the years!

I asked their oldest daughter what she wanted next a brother or a sister (at the time of the shoot they still did not know) and she responded that she wanted a baby brother so that her little brother would have someone to play with. My heart melted on the spot! Most girls want a baby sister but she put her little brother’s needs first. Best big sister ever! It took everything in my not to take their son home with me that night! Those dimples and eyelashes for days….I mean seriously!

Historic Downtown Mckinney Family Photos

Check out some of my favorite pics from this session as well as the video we put together! Can’t wait until next time Seepaul’s when Y’all are a family of FIVE!!!!

Historic Downtown Mckinney Seepaul Family Baby Reveal Photo

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