When I left Hawaii and moved to Texas I told myself I was not going to do family photography anymore.  I decided that weddings were where it’s at, and that is what I was going to do, and I did!  However, there was just something missing.  I loved shooting weddings and capturing all the beautiful details but the connections I experienced with my family clients were just so much more intimate.  I love being able to get to know each family member and celebrating what makes them extraordinary.  Don’t get me wrong there were brides that I completely clicked with and have become friends to this day, however as a mother of 5 I just really get families.  I get how you can have five very different children and each one of them brings a new dynamic to our family unit,  It fascinates me! I have 5 children all raised under the same roof and not one of them is even remotely the same. I can relate as a mother how you love each one the same, but at the same time love each one of them different.  This is something I want to help every family celebrate.  So I’m back!  I could not be more excited to help families connect, enjoy, and celebrate each other!

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