The Original Goldberg Family started with their two sons and three daughters a little over 40 years ago. Since then, they have grown by two daughter-in-law’s and a beautiful granddaughter (who are we kidding? Beautiful AND about the cutest thing…ever!!)

How We Met

A simple Google search, done by the mom of that beautiful baby girl, allowed me the chance to meet this growing family. She wanted to give her mother-in-law the gift of a photo session and that is where I come in. I met them at their beach rental known as the Caribbean Breeze Beach House in the Crystal Beach Subdivision in Destin. The families converged from far and wide, to seize this moment in time. These families span the coasts, to include New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Washington. These not only became their 2017 Christmas cards, the photos here captured a moment in time, encapsulating joy and happiness.

The beginning of the photo was like the beginning of a family reunion. Small talk, catching up, gushing over Baby Tilly. As everyone found their place and the session got going, it was like no time it had passed. I was a part of this family reunion on the beach, rather I was a part of this family celebration.

Baby on the Beach in Destin

While the family as a whole is beautiful, Baby Tilly stole the show. She is clearly photogenic and remained incredibly amicable throughout the shoot. She practically smiled on cue, as did the grownups! She was in good spirits the entire time. Towards the end though, as with any baby, she tuckered out in her mama’s arms. One picture of Baby Tilly, I can hear her saying, with one hand in the air and the other on her head, “Yeah…I don’t know…you tell me where I got this ginger hair. Mom? Dad?” And while you can see grandma and grandpa, grinning from ear to ear in photos with the ‘original set’ of the Goldberg clan, there is something a little more smiley when they’re holding their granddaughter. She represents a growing family, generations to follow. The strength and bond of this family leaps off the picture.

It is clear that Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg began a very good thing many years ago. The legacy they leave for each of their children, and now this precious granddaughter. Legacy’s are a rare gift in today’s day and age. They inspired me to reflect on the legacy, the gift, I am giving my own children with my own marriage! It is my sincere hope that if Baby Tilly is given any siblings, or cousins and/or other in-laws are added into this beautiful family, that I will be a part of THAT family celebration as well.






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