How we met

I caught up with the Etheridge Family during their Christmas Break.  Several times a year, they travel from Atlanta, Georgia down to Florida, to get away from it all.  The State Road 30A (SR 30A) in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida is one of their regular vacationing spots and this particular vacation was an entire family affair!  I had the privilege of meeting not only the mother of two, that had booked this session by a search on Google, but I got to meet her brother and her parents!

30a Beach

On my way to meet with The Etheridge Family, I had the chance to experience Santa Rosa Beach, for the first time in its gussied up, holiday fare.  It gave off THEE vibe of Christmas, good cheer, and joy.  I couldn’t help but show up with a lighter feel in my step and be in the zone for a great day of holiday pictures.

The day was SO beautiful.  Right out of a fairy tale, that not-a-cloud-in-the-sky kind of day.  It was almost too perfect, so much so that we had to actually wait for the sun to get lower on the horizon.  It was just too bright!  While we waited if allowed for a time to get better acquainted.   As we waited for the sun to set, it also allowed me to take a few more candid shots as well.

What was brighter than the cloudless sky?  The sheer joy of hearing the giggles of the kids wriggling toes in the sand.  Having stolen moments to play on a beach made up for the task at hand later on, which was to take some pictures.  My favorite moment was a stolen candid with grandpa and his granddaughter.  As he scooped her up, swung her around, grandma commented, “Those two are connected at the hip.”  There is nothing more special than that relationship between a grandpa and his granddaughter.  Smiles are smiles, but there is something different in the smile when a grandparent is with their grandchild.

The turquoise theme in these pictures compliments the scene, with its white sandy beach and tide going out.  However, I could not keep from laughing as Grandpa, looking handsome and pretty proud of his clan, kept joking that he had left his speedo back at the vacation home.  Sigh…next year, grandpa.

The Photos

Photo shoots are more than just a time to create pictures to use as Christmas cards or hang in the living room.  It’s a rare time to bring families together and create a memory. I’m glad it was ‘too bright’ when we arrived.  I got to laugh and be a part of the Etheridge family for just a bit longer than anticipated.





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